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Enrollment Booster™

Like rocket fuel for your enrollment, the Enrollment Booster™ is an audience-building method that allows your school to overcome enrollment inertia. Imagine this: new potential families signing up for visits.

How many tours do you want in the next 3 months?

There's a Better Way to Build Enrollment

Enrollment Booster™ offers a measurable, repeatable, and adaptable way to get to get results.



The families and communities that you want learn about your school.



Momentum begins as 50,000 or more parents meet your school.



Meet and encourage new families as they experience your school.

Make sure you are reaching all the families that fit your mission.

How It Works

  • Overcome Enrollment Inertia

    Like a force of gravity, slow growth or decline can drag down your team and consume your budget without creating growth. The enrollment booster builds fresh momentum for enrollment by reaching parents who are interested in the unique opportunities you offer.

  • Targeting

    Deep data resources allow for specific targeting of mission fit families.

  • No Longer a Best Kept Secret

    Momentum begins as more than 50,000 parents discover your school.

  • Audience First

    Aims past the DIY marketing methods promoted by social networks to build an audience of interested parents first. You shouldn’t be wasting your marketing budget reaching people who are a poor mission fit or simply aren’t interested.

  • Accelerated Visitor Marketing

    Story Lab has discovered that using multiple digital ad types, including video and motion graphics, along with sophisticated software to track interest allows us to reach the right parents.

  • Powerful Follow Up Software

    Save time and connect with parents personally to foster a greater response.

What You Get

  • Quick Start — 50,000+ parent touches in the first month
  • Specialized targeting based upon interest
  • Communicate what makes your special
  • Coaching and follow up resources
  • Video and Motion Graphic Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Follow-up software
  • Staff Training
  • Support multiple visit or tour days

We want to continue running these Facebook Ads, we know they work.

Mike, VAA Head of School

“Story Collaborative has come alongside our school as strategists, mentors, and teammates. I’ve appreciated them taking the reins of our Facebook campaigns and helping increase the number of contacts we receive per visitor to the website by 318%!

Brian, CCA Development Director