Make Back to School Instagrammable | 9 Tips

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The digital flow of pictures takes a big leap every year as children jump on buses, start a new grade, meet their teacher and all of the other very busy things that are happening this time of year. With cell phones capturing every moment, and families sharing the experience with their entire social circle, schools can get an important boost in their brand profile by becoming a little more Instagram friendly.

Colleges and large events have been doing this for some time, and there is a trend that includes online posting the “most Instagrammable places” for schools, vacation spots, and theme parks to name a few. People enjoy fun places to snap a picture and capture a memory. Why not add your brand to the experience so that it gets carried out onto the mobile phones of grandparents, church and family friends?

Some paint and flowers make a moment at Indiana University

Here is the basic idea: Look around your campus and find the most stunning places to snap a photo. If you are short on statues, waterfalls and giant cartoon characters, you can create your own low-cost backdrops that give parents and student a fun place to stop and shoot.

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#two on Highpoint U’s Instagrammables Spots (an idea for the fine arts department)

9 Ways to Make Your Campus Instagram-Worthy

  1. Find the most interesting locations on campus and put “Instagram Spot” signs on them.
  2. List your best Instagram locations on the program for back to school, share them on Instagram (imagine that) or Facebook. Put together an illustrated blog with pictures of the locations, or even create a google map.
  3. Get your mascot in costume to pose for pictures at back to school, or create a plywood cut-out of the mascot with a place for people to stand in.
  4. Create a vinyl backdrop or two with a little help from Office Depot and a high-resolution graphic or photo.
  5. Pick a wall around the school and completely cover it with balloons – they are inexpensive and you can create a design in school colors! What a great place for an Instagram moment.
  6. Use an old-school transparency with a picture frame copied onto it, or a clever cartoon drawn with a Sharpie, including a back to school message for 2019. Hold the transparency between you and the front of the phone camera so the picture is transposed onto your photo.
  7. Provide props in plastic tubs next to classrooms with Instagram moment signs on them.
  8. Get your teachers in the act with an Instragramathon during teacher prep days.
  9. Create a collection of the best Instagram posts of the week and send it out as an – yes – email.

All of this helps build your school community while saturating their social networks with your brand. It combines the best of social networking and brand building without requiring an ad budget.

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