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Modular SEO.

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Modular SEO™

Meet parents who are searching online. Modular SEO™ places the right content for search engine optimization (SEO) with your website - fast. More parents find you and engage online.

More parents will find you, more students will enroll.

Parents are Searching for Answers

Modular SEO™ ensures that they will find you when they search online.

Made with Story Magic

By the time parents get to the enrollment stage of their journey they may have been looking at schools online for 2 years or more. When will they meet your school online?

How Modular SEOTM Works

  • Traditional SEO can be slow

    Traditional SEO approaches can take up to a year to create impact, allowing even more parents to miss you online.

  • Without Content, SEO is Ineffective

    Rich content is required to add value to parents who search and to satisfy SEO requirements. This content has to address parents’ needs and questions more than just school details.

  • Content Branded for You

    You select focus areas such as key entry grades or the bigger issues like early childhood, character, or social development to answer parents’ questions.

  • Place SEO Modules

    Modular SEOTM places valuable content modules with your website that change your SEO status quickly — more parents find you.

  • Parents and Search Engines Find What They Wanted

    The engaging content, branded to your school, is now visible to parents when they search. Both parents and search engines engage.

  • Build on a Strong Foundation

    SEO content is continually added as your school engages with more and more parents online.

Modular SEOTM Includes

  • Quick Start — Your SEO modules are added within a month
  • You select targeted content to reach parents for key grades or topics
  • Branded throughout so that parents experience your school
  • Tracking and monitoring document of how many parents are finding you
  • A CRM database is included and built in
  • Parents have opportunities to opt-in for more relevant content
  • Additional modules and topics can be added
  • Recommendations for other SEO adjustments to your website are provided
  • Connect people to events, tours and other visit opportunities